Changing Lives

58 Year-old Male Stroke Patient

Testimonial Written by his Daughter

The last stroke happened in October 2014. Had limited mobility on the right side, weakness in the right arm and very limited speech (Aphasia). He couldn’t read or write, had issues dragging his right leg while walking and could barely lift 5 lbs. with his right arm. Treatments received prior to Cincinnati Hyperbarics were speech, physical and occupational therapy.

He came to Cincinnati Hyperbarics and did 40 dives. After hyperbaric treatment he had 75% more strength and mobility on the right side than pre stroke. Can walk on a treadmill daily for 10 minutes with no difficulties. He is able to speak 10-15 words understandably. He can now read, comprehend and sign his name. Prior to treatment he was able to say “yes”. He is able to resume most normal activities including cooking, household chores & his past time, woodworking. His improvements have been pretty significant and we, along with his therapists, are thrilled!

Our experience at Cincinnati Hyperbarics was very nice and encouraging. They are very knowledgeable and willing to really help you get the most out of your time and money.