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A Breath of Fresh Air

Cincinnati Hyperbarics

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy
West Chester, Ohio

An Effective Treatment That’s Truly a Breath of Fresh Air

There are an overwhelming number of choices for health care providers and services. We know this because we often have patients who have tried many options without the success that they seek. Founded in 2001 by Dr. Theodore Cole, Cincinnati Hyperbarics has been successfully helping patients recover from a wide variety of conditions and injuries, such as autism, diabetes, stroke, concussions, and cancer to name a few. As a freestanding hyperbaric center, we are able to treat many conditions that most centers cannot.

Our Healthcare Partners

Dr. Cole has led the holistic healthcare community by taking a proactive approach that is centered on YOU. We start by understanding your unique situation, your needs, and then support you through a strong dedication to your overall well-being.

Through the following specialized partners, the Cole Center can help you experience your natural way to wellness. Click a logo below to learn more.

The Cole Center for Healing

Cincinnati Hyperbarics

Dr. Vitamins