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According to researchers, Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) has proven to be the most significant medical therapy to have treated many diseases over the past 50 years, including cancer.

Cancer is notoriously difficult to treat, and any therapy that has a beneficial effect should be considered in one’s treatment plan. Research has shown that HBOT has multiple areas of impact on cancer. One effect is that on hydrogen peroxide, which reacts with ions of iron or copper to form an OH radical, damaging cancer cells DNA . In addition, it makes cells finish replicating their DNA at what is called the G2/M period, meaning cancer cells have great difficulty duplicating themselves and spreading.

One unique feature of tumors is the presence of hypoxic regions, which occur predominantly at the tumor center. Hypoxic tumor cells are relatively insensitive to radiation and chemotherapy. HBOT reverses this hypoxia, which is a potent stimulus that drives angiogenesis (blood vessel growth). HBOT therefore greatly inhibits the formation of new blood vessels. which is required for cancer to grow and spread. HBOT also produces reactive oxygen species, which can damage tumors by inducing excessive oxidative stress.

Research has also shown that HBOT works well with other therapies. In particular, there is a strong synergistic effect of HBOT with intravenous Vitamin C infusions. It can also be used in conjunction. with radiation and most chemotherapy, providing better results with fewer side effects. HBOT is also capable of reversing many of the side effects of these treatments.

Contrary to some views, the research results strongly indicate that HBOT does not induce cancer growth, recurrence, or metastasis. Indeed, HBO is observed to exert an inhibitory effect on cancer cell proliferation and to stimulate cancer cell apoptosis (death).

If you have, or did have cancer, HBOT should be on your list of treatments. It is versatile, has multiple positive effects on overall health, and is a valuable aid in cancer therapy and any side effects from standard approaches.