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Riley's Story

My daughter is 54 years old. From birth to age 3, she was diagnosed with Leukemia, dwarfism, IgG deficiency, Neutropenia, Asthma, Chondrodysplasia Punctata, Excema, a sensory processing disorder, seasonal allergies, and an allergy to eggs and milk. For 3 years we followed modern medicine protocol to a t. She received chemotherapy, intravenous immunoglobulins (IVIG), had dozens of overnight stays in the hospital, and hundreds of visits with doctors. She also has had ten surgeries. She continued to become ill even when she was isolated and was not allowed to go anywhere where there was a possibility for her to pick up anything. We continued doing the therapies that were recommended by he top doctors in the country to no avail but did not know what else to do for our sweet girl.

In March, 2013, I was giving my daughter her IVIG at our home. One minute she was watching Ratatouille and the next minute she was unresponsive and not breathing. I administered 2 shots of epinephrine while waiting for the ambulance to arrive. Paramedics administered 2 additinoal rounds of epinephrine in the ambulance in route to the hospital. She died in my arms. After almost 1 year on IVIG, she became deathly allergic to the drugs that we were using to try to keep her healthy enough to save her life. She recovered after several days in the hospital and we realized our options for saving our little girl’s life were dwindling. We were given an option with very little odds of survival or to let her live what life she had left happy out of the hospital at home. We declined and took her home.

When she was first born, the diagnoses of her genetic disorder limited her life expectancy. We always had known that our time with our beautiful girl was precious and had changed our entire lifestyle to make sure that our daughter had the happiest life no matter how long it was. When we were told that the only traditional medicine option for her would more than likely take her life, we started looking for options. We had no idea what we were looking for but were willing to try absolutely anything that did not have negative side effects.

Friends of ours in Europe told us about Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber therapy and we started treatment almost immediately. In addition we started her on acupuncture and chiropractic care. She did all 3 treatments weekly.

In November, 2013, our daughter had her first visit with Dr. Cole. We brought all of her medical records with us and he took the time to look them over, asking questions, and listening to us. He listened to our goals and our wishes. Our goal was to keep her life sustained for as long as possible to allow her to participate in activities that normal children participate in. We wanted her to get better but without all of the side effects that she had been experiencing with modern medicine. Dr. Cole cared about our goals. He wanted the same goals as we did. He made several treatment suggestions and we followed them. Our daughter started on Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber Therapy at the Cole Center in the mono-place unit. Scott was so wonderful working to make her comfortable in the chamber and keeping her calm and happy while she “dove” for an hour. She also does SRT therapy for allergies and sensitivities to her environment. We have moved her to an almost completely chemical free diet as well as her bathing products and laundry detergents. She did the hair analysis and is doing the recommended supplements twice a day. This is certainly a challenge but Dr. Cole had wonderful recommendations as to how to get her to take the supplements by crushing them and putting them in smoothies and applesauce. We are looking forward to our next hair analysis test to see how we have been able to detox all of the negative chemicals (fillers in chemo and other iv drugs).

Our daughter has never had more energy in her life. She is happy. She has NO side effects at all from the treatments we are following Because of the age she was when she started her treatment, our daughter had anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). We have worked with Dr. Cole to add essential oils into her routine. We apply them several times a day as needed and have noticed a huge different in the amount of PTSD episodes she has. She is sleeping better at night and having less night terrors. She also uses Dr. Cole’s alternatives for insect repellent that is chemical free and his eczema oil which has worked wonders on her skin. We just started to use his scar oil for scars related to surgeries that placed and removed her port-a-cath as well as scars on her legs from several surgeries to repair bones that were malformed.

Dr. Cole and his team have been a dream to work with. They listen to our needs and follow through making suggestions that continue to keep our daughter fully functioning, and healthy. In one of the harshest winters we have seen in years, she only went to the emergency room twice vs 10-15 times in previous winters. What he is doing for our daughter is working. He is saving her life. She will get to attend pre-school in the fall which was never supposed to be an option for her. He has helped to make that possible by boosting her immune system and keeping it high. Her most recent blood tests all came back “within normal range”. In the 3 years before we met Dr. Cole, that never happened. We are so thankful for the work that Dr. Cole does and recommend him to everyone as not only a primary care physician but as a professional who proves there are doctors who will go above and beyond the call of duty to make sure his patients receive the bets results possible.